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Web 2.0 for Business (E2.0)

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01 2011

Google Wave NEXT Revolution in Communication & Collabotation REAL TIME

I am “Waving” with Google Wave and there is no question that this will be our next generation way of communicating, at least for the upcoming years.

Imagine the potential of these functionalites in your business:

Google Wave Extension List

Google Wave Extension List


11 2009

[Enterprise 2.0 Analyst – Forrester] Enterprise Content Management Suites Wave Q4 2009

Report  Key highlights are:

  • Oracle is one of the LEADERS along with IBM, EMC and Open Text
  • STRONG PERFORMERS are:  Microsoft, Hyland and HP
  • Lone CONTENDER is:  Alfresco Software

[Forrester] Enterprise Content Management Suites Wave Q4 2009


11 2009

How Web 2.0 is changing the way we work: An interview with MIT’s Andrew McAfee

Video: MIT’s Andrew McAfee on how Web 2.0 is changing the way we work
Do Web 2.0 technologies help organizations achieve their goals?


11 2009

Social Media Revolution (In German)


11 2009

So, What is E2.0?

E20 virtual conf
View more presentations from billycripe.

E2.0 comes from “Enterprise 2.0” and refers to the introduction and implementation within an enterprise of Web 2.0 technologies, including rich Internet applications, providing software as a service, and using the web as a general platform.

“a system of web-based technologies that provide rapid and agile collaboration, information sharing, emergence and integration capabilities in the extended enterprise”.[1]

I was recently nominated: E2.0 Solution leader for Oracle Sales Programs EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and I start putting together tome information about the topic, at least from what I have close to me:

EMEA E2.0 Communities

E2.0 Resources

Oracle Enterprise 2.0 Customer Showcase Virtual Conference
Join us on the 8th of October for our Customer Showcase Virtual Conference!


10 2009